Guardian Site Solutions Safe Working

Guardian Site Solutions Providing Safety Monitoring Personnel

Whether it is working in a confined space, or clean conditions environment, monitoring the people working in these areas is an extremely important activity.

Confined Spaces are found in one form or another in most industry sectors and in many instances the only way to achieve operational requirements is for manpower to enter these spaces and carry out given tasks. In a confined space the working environment is potentially dangerous and world-wide many people are killed or seriously injured each year while working in them.

Guardian Site Solutions provide specialist safety personnel for the monitoring and rescue of personnel in a confined space and the monitoring of work being carried out in a clean conditions environment


Three employees of a company in Norfolk died when they became trapped in a slurry holding tank during their work.

The company was fined £72,500 plus £50,000 costs.

The Company Director and General Manager were also prosecuted and fined £10,000 each. (HSE)